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Have a page that is not loading the entry.

Hi TJ. 

I am having an issue with one of my pages that I have set up in Construct. I have set up a page on my site called Other Services. It is listed in one of my nav trees named internal subnav. I have gone over the settings for the item in the tree over and over, but it is set up like my other pages, but this one does not appear to be loading the entry. On the other pages I can tell it is loading the entry because the title tag in the browser changes from page to page, but on this particular page, it doesn't seem to be working. Is there any way you can take a look and tell me what the issue is? 

The url to the page in question is

You can click any of the other pages in the nav and they are working, but this one doesn't for some reason.

 I have the site on a stage server so I can send you login info if you need it.


Brian Rivet 

Hi Brian, does the entry you’ve chosen for this node have a status of open?

Hi TJ. Yes, it does have open status.

Hi Brian, I’ll probably need to get access to the site as you mentioned to diagnose what’s going on. I’ve never done it before, but supposedly with this ticket system I can convert public topics into private topics. I’ll try that then we should have a private ticket where you can share login details.

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